How Babies Are Made Andrew C. Andry


Published: 1968


85 pages


How Babies Are Made  by  Andrew C. Andry

How Babies Are Made by Andrew C. Andry
1968 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 85 pages | ISBN: | 7.40 Mb

Im rather surprised at how good this book is.It only got 3 stars because it is pretty exclusively heterosexual and theres an undercurrent of single race couples. Yes, I know cocker spaniels dont have a race, but they come in lots of colors - just not in this book. Also, it has the mom and dad must love each other undercurrent as well. While I think all children should be born of love, I dont necessarily think that love has to be between the egg owner and the sperm owner.The book starts out with a detailed description of how flowers procreate. It does not use euphemisms. It talks about the eggs in the ovary, how the pollen gets to the eggs, and how the fertilized egg becomes a flower.Then it moves on to chickens.

Here you introduce sex (male inserts sperm into female).Then we move on to puppies. Here you introduce the idea of a fetus growing inside the mother.Finally we get to human babies.The illustrations are photographs of cut paper and are quite beautiful. They also manage to be explicit (paper penises!) without feeling explicit.All-in-all, and excellent book for answer the question, where do babies come from?

but I suggest using it as a starting point to discuss how else families are made.

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